Private Hospital & Public Hospital: Which is the Better Option?

A private hospital is a private medical hospital not owned by your government, which includes for-profit and non-profit organizations. Patients fund their own care in a private hospital, usually by private insurance, or by contributions from foreign governments.

The best private hospital in Dubai is commonly only part of, although at times fully integrated, of most major health care systems throughout the globe. The fact that there is wide variation in the quality of health care provided in such facilities should be a primary concern for anyone thinking about investing in any kind of medical facility.

  • Both private and public hospitals will offer their patients’ general surgery services. They will often perform more complicated surgeries such as hip surgeries, and breast surgeries. The cost of these services provided by a private hospital will be less than that provided by a public hospital and sometimes much less.
  • However, all neurologists in Dubai are performing these types of surgeries that have private hospital privileges. Therefore, it is imperative that potential patients consider the reputation of the doctor’s private practice, as well as his or her qualifications and training to ensure the highest level of patient care.
  • The primary difference between private hospitals and public hospitals lies in patient service. While patients in public hospitals often have to wait many days for an appointment, and are forced to interact with limited amounts of care staff, those in private hospitals are free to come and go as they please, and receive more personalized attention from their respective surgeons and staff.
  • The emotional support offered by most private hospitals is also a large factor in why patients choose to visit one over the other. Private hospitals provide personal care by a dedicated team of doctors and staff members and are staffed by individuals who enjoy their work, and want to do the best that they can for the patients they treat. Patients feel more comfortable visiting a private room because they know they will be receiving the highest level of medical care.

Another major difference between public and private hospitals lies in the scope of treatment that is available. Public healthcare often serves a wide range of ailments and conditions, whereas private hospitals tend to specialize in a smaller number of ailments. Many private hospitals also offer rehabilitation services for patients who have suffered surgery or are bed ridden.